LGKitchen Chocolate Flax Granola

Ingredients; Whole flax seeds (clusters of brown and golden), Chocolate (chocolate liquor and cane sugar), sunflower seeds, cranberries (dried cranberries and cane sugar), chia seeds, organic agave nectar, pure vanilla extract, ground cinnamon and ground cardamom.

This is the chocolate coated version of Lyn Genet's newest Plan Friendly Granola. When Lyn sent me a bag to sample, I wolfed down half the bag and turned the rest over to Sue to hide. Lyn's chef came to visit us and spent the day on how to make this granola to Lyn's specifications then gave me a lesson in tempering chocolate. I love it. So now, we're baking and coating LG Kitchen granola with chocolate and making it available not only to Lyn's clients but to everyone.  


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