whole flax seed vs. ground flax seed

And which is better?

Virtually all the experts agree - eating ground / milled flaxseed is better for you than eating whole flax. (link to Dr. Axe's explanation) 

Do we agree with the experts?

But only because all these experts ignore the painfully obvious.
And that is the fact that the absolute best way to eat whole flaxseed and derive the maximum benefit for all it has to offer is to chew flaxseed with... your teeth.​​​​​​​
If you're only eating milled or ground flaxseed you're missing out on the full benefit of what flax has to offer.  Aside from fiber, all the incredible benefits of eating flax are locked up inside the seed -- expose the seed and you expose the oils to rapid oxidation.
The experts admit this and so, their solution...?
Grind whole flaxseeds with a coffee mill right  before you eat them.
So let's say you follow the "experts" advice" and you grind up your flax then sprinkle them on your cereal, etc.  Aren't you thinking, gee, why am I going to all the trouble of grinding these flaxseeds when I have teeth and I can chew...?
Which is why we say; eat whole fax seed - use your teeth to break the seeds up in your mouth and you will get the maximum full benefit that flax has to offer.
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