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Whole Grain Organic Flatbread

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Flat Bread Variety 4 Pack Choice - Buy 4 Get One Free

Columbia County Bread and Granola

 For A Limited Time: Buy 4 Get One Free

Now you can pick your favorite varieties of our delicious sprouted-wheat flat bread crackers. Giving you all the options that your taste buds have been looking for! Build a 4 pack of your choice + ONE FREE!

  • 100% organic wheat.
  • Low glycemic
  • Low gluten
  • Low salt
  • Low net carbs
  • No flour/added yeast
  • Low fat

All of our sprouted grain flat breads are low-glycemic, low-carb, low-gluten and are made with either certified organic or small-farm sourced, to-organic-standards wheat and rye that is sprouted for maximum flavor and digestibility.

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Gluten-Free & Non-Gmo

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100% Sprouted Whole Grain

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