Our new sprouted pizza crusts get a nod from Peter Reinhart

Our new sprouted pizza crusts get a nod from Peter Reinhart

May 23, 2019


After we shipped Peter Reinhart some of our unique sprouted pizza crusts, he raved and asked me to write a post for his pizza blog.

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Brian Muldoon
Brian Muldoon

January 20, 2021

I live near Columbia, MD in Howard County, MD. This is between Balto, MD & Wash DC. It is very affluent and educated but you would not want to live here. It is getting like North NJ where I was raised. Many people are that special kind of liberal hypocrite who talk the talk about patriarchal benevolence but if it inconveniences them…forget about it ( they may be Dems but much like Trump in essence). I am very much a socialist with many Main Street values who believes better to have the Devil you can see than the one that acts like an Angel. Whether you are the Don or Slo Joe, corporations funded your campaign. I am desperate for healthy pizza crust. My pizza is the best and should be on healthy dough. I have been using whole wheat pocket bread and whole wheat dough , a lot of work. I use Morrocan olive oil, 3 or 4 kinds of cheese, peppers, spinach and mushrooms. I spice with various “Pizza” and " Italian" spices. Also use ground lamb and beef on occasion
My Mom grew up very poor in NY…her father was an orphan from Philly. The fact that she worked after school and on weekends at her friend’s parent’s Italian restaurant gauranteed her at least one meal a day. But she learned to cook Napolitano and taught me much.y Italian American friends thought she was a pair and but she was Irish American.

Please make larger and thicker pizza shells or large pocket bread

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