Hearty Spelt Flat Bread Crisps

Spelt is an ancient grain popular in Europe and the Middle East thousands of years ago. Wheat eventually overtook Spelt simply because wheat offered a higher yield and was easier to clean or thrash -- Spelt has a tough outer hull (husk) that is not easily removed during the harvesting/thrashing process. 

Spelt reclaimed much of its popularity when the organic movement was spawned in the 1970's and small farm organic growers discovered that Spelt's tough outer husk was naturally resistant to bugs and blight. 

Spelt contains higher amounts of vitamins and minerals than commercial varieties of wheat.  Spelt is considered by many to be easier to digest than wheat due to Spelt's high water solubility which makes it particularly well suited to be sprouted. Sprouted Spelt does contain gluten, but the gluten profile is lower than most varieties of wheat.

We source our Organic Spelt from Joel and Elaine Steigman of Small Valley Milling. We got to know the Steigmans at various PASA field day events. When the Steigman's starter ordering our pita bread, we decided it was time to start working with their amazing array of organic and ancient grains.

Our sprouted Spelt flat bread is made with just two ingredients; sprouted Spelt and sea salt. We think it offers a naturally delicious flavor that is virtually unique in the marketplace.

  • 100% sprouted organic spelt.
  • Low glycemic
  • Low gluten
  • Low salt
  • Low net carbs
  • Low fat
  • No flour and no yeast

All of our organic sprouted grain flat breads are low-glycemic, low-carb, low-gluten and are made with either certified organic or small-farm sourced, to-organic-standards wheat and rye that is sprouted for maximum flavor and digestibility.

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