Why Flax Seed Granola?


Flax is packed with anti-oxidants and inflammation-fighting omega 3 fatty acids. Though incredibly beneficial, the nutrients in flax degrade rapidly once ground or milled which renders most every product containing ground or milled flax seed as offering little to no benefit from flax’s natural nutrient density. We say, the best way to grind or mill flax is with your teeth. Chew your flax granola thoroughly and you will get the maximum benefit of all that flax has to offer.


The benefits of incorporating flax into your diet has been widely documented. Flax continues to top the list as one of nature’s original superfoods. The following links can take you directly to websites that reveal how eating flax can actually help prevent cancer, alzheimers and irritable bowel, inflammation and better cognitive skills with the clinical research that proves it…

Cancer prevention…


Alzheimer's prevention...


Inflammation and other digestive benefits...


Brain health (this is mostly about fish oil, but it talks about omega 3s):



The package says the flax is “activated”. What does that mean?

We are big proponents of preparing seeds and grains for digestion. This is why we make our breads with sprouted grain, forgoing flour and yeast. With flax, we soak the flax seeds 24 hours, long enough to signal to the seed that it is ready to germinate (come to life). In another 18 to 24 hours, the seed would sprout, sending a visible if tiny root structure out into the world. We do not want to wait for the flax seed to sprout, we simply want the seed to “activate” because this means that all the anti-nutrients contained in flax and all others seeds, nuts and grains, are neutralized and this maximizes the bio-availability of the nutrients the seed needs to grow and that we want for our bodies.

We ask the question, why would anyone eat granola that is loaded with sugar, fats and oils and, strangest of all, highly reactive oats as the number one ingredient?

It's really time to rethink granola and we have.
That's why our granola is built around the flax seed. Flaxseeds are perfect for granola because when they get wet, they get very resinous so, for our bakers, all we have to do is break those moist clumps into bite sized flax-seed clusters and, voila, granola. Not only that but flax seed is incredibly good for your body. It's packed with Omega 3 fatty acids that help our body fight inflammation and free radicals in the bloodstream.