Sprouted Country Wheat Loaf - 4 Pack

This bundle includes 4 loaves of our renowned sprouted wheat bread, with a variety of flavors to choose from.  
  • We make this bread with just three ingredients; Sprouted wheat (wheat and water), water and a dash of sea salt.
    •  We do NOT add flour (not one speck), nor vital wheat gluten (check the ingredient label on other sprouted grain breads including; Trader Joes, Killer Daves, Angel Bakehouse, Whole Foods, Alverado Street and Ezekial) nor do we add commercially derived yeast (again, check the labels) nor any of the other additives or "dough enhancers" found in nearly all other breads, sprouted or not. To our knowledge, this is the only sprouted whole grain bread on the market today made from 100% sprouted whole grains that has been naturally leavened resulting in a bread as digestible as it is amazingly delicious.

    • Worried about gluten?

      Our breads were tested (laboratory results available upon request) and the gluten count came in at 81 parts per million. The threshold for "gluten free" is 20 parts per million. On average, wheat based products run between 10,000 and 70,000 parts per million.

      In other words, our process of both sprouting the grain and introducing a ferment alters the formation of gluten.

      Does it negate gluten completely? No. Absolutely not and if you're celiac, you need to exercise caution when sampling our breads.

      However, if you have ever wanted to go back to a natural, wheat based bread that, this is your first, best choice. And besides, it tastes great. Our bread has the full flavor that bread use to have back in the days when all breads were made using these natural, time tested methods of either preparing grain through sprouting or using natural ferments, or, as in our case, both. It makes a difference. Trying is believing.

    • What What are our customers telling us?

      Check out this detailed review on bread experience

      "The bread is delicious and freezes very well. It has been a lifesaver for me to have access to high quality / great tasting bread and to be able to enjoy it every day. Thank you!"

      M.G., Colorado

      "...your bread was amazing as ever. I think this batch was probably as close to a baker's masterpiece of sprouted natural wheat bread. ...your bread is a work of art...truly in a class of its own. I am so grateful to you for creating this unique bread. When I had gone without your bread for about a month, I just wanted it more than anything else.

      Thank you from a serious Columbia County Bread lover"
      S.B., New Hampshire


    "Country Wheat" is our signature bread and is unlike any bread found anywhere else on the market.


    "Everything" seed topping includes flax, sesame, onion, garlic, salt and poppyseed.

    Garlic Pepper - We create a perfect blend of diced roasted California garlic with freshly cracked peppercorn then roll into the dough and sprinkle the crust. This loaf of bread is savory, potent and not easy to put down.

    Salted Pretzel - This is our newest specialty loaf, prior to baking, we mist this loaf with the same baking soda concentrate we use with our pretzel crisps flat bread to give this unique bread a deep, dark Bavarian crust then top with pretzel salt. The flavor permeates nicely thru the entire loaf. Great sliced with soft and hard cheeses, mushrooms and other toppings.


    A word about slicing options.

    Thin... Low carb. Use for a sandwhich bread. Not recommended for toasting.

    Standard.... Makes an excellent toasting bread.  


    24 oz before baking. Handmade; size and slices may vary. Props pictured not included.


    WHAT'S NEW? We recently switched making our bread and pita with Glenn - a variety of wheat very popular with smaller, organic farms and offering a slightly higher protein profile than most organic wheats. Final point, we love the way Glenn tastes.