Sprouted Organic Kernza Flat Bread Crisps: 5 pack

5 packs of our delicious Sprouted Kernza Flat Bread Crisps.  4 ounces per box.

When we first heard about Kernza - the perennial wheat developed by the Land Institute - we immediately contacted them and said we wanted to try sprouting kernza. About a year later, we got a call from Plovgh - the company assigned to manage Kernza sales to bakers and others. Plovgh sent us 50 lbs and we immediately got to work sprouting it. Plovgh took an interest in what we were doing with Kernza and we have been sending them sprouted Kernza back to offer to their growing list of clients. Meanwhile, we quickly realized that the Kernza grain was too small for us to grind into a sprouted grain mash without blending it with sprouted spelt. The result was remarkable - flavorful with a light, crisp texture. We strongly encourage our customers to search out Kernza and support bakers working with it. Creating demand for Kernza will help encourage more farmers to grow it, revolutionizing agriculture as we know it. We are experimenting with Sprouted Kernza for a range of products but, for now, we are thrilled to offer it as our newest variety of a deliciously unique Flat Bread.


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