Post from Doug, founder CCB&G

Post from Doug, founder CCB&G

July 12, 2018

I get a lot of phone calls from customers who ask, which, of our many fine flax granola varieties, is my personal favorite.

For me, I take home a bag of the private stock - I like the pumpkin spice base as it has more a bit more flavor with additional spices; cloves and nutmeg blended in with the cinnamon.  I then pour a cup (give or take) into my cereal bowl then add-in whatever I have at home that I feel like adding in - usually nuts (walnuts or pecans or both), cranberries, sometimes raisins and sometimes sunflower seeds. Then I add fresh blueberries, or, if they aren't available, I go for raspberries. If I had to limit myself to one add in - I'd make it fresh blueberries - no question.  On top of all that I add a big dollop of yogurt. I buy the whole milk plain variety and then I strain it with cheese cloth for an hour or two (in the fridge) until it's really thick (I save the whey for other purposes) then I add a little milk to the bowl and mix it all up. It's delicious. And, best of all, incredibly filling which is why this is my absolute favorite breakfast. The only thing is, you gotta chew the flax to get the full benefit and that makes this a sit-down-and-read-the-paper kind of breakfast - it's just not something you can eat on the run. That said, I believe there are big benefits to be had from taking your time with breakfast - savoring the start of the day before the day gets out of control as it so often does.

Columbia County Bread & Granola


3/4 cup private stock flax granola (pick from five base flavors)
Add in toppings;
Walnuts (not Plan Friendly)*
Pecans (also not Plan Friendly)*
Sunflower seeds
Fresh Blueberries
Dollop of drained whole-milk yogurt
Quarter cup favorite milk 

Mix thoroughly and enjoy

 * If you're on The Plan, nuts are considered to be reactive but that is an individual response. For me, nuts offer benefits that make them worth working into my diet.


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Brian Muldoon
Brian Muldoon

January 20, 2021

I am told wheat is the most nutritious grain. I wish youse made large healthy wheat pizza crusts or pocket bread,

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