The dancing carrots interview

The dancing carrots interview

October 24, 2018

"Sergei"           "Derrick"        "Marco"        "Boris"

The CCB&G Dancing Carrots

In light of the four dancing carrots who are helping us with a new promotion on our website (scroll to bottom for details),  the four guys took a brief break to sit down for a quick interview with Doug, founder of CCB&G and a personal fan of dancing carrot foursomes.

Doug  First off, welcome to the USA and thanks so much for agreeing to help me and the bakers of Columbia County Bread & Granola promote our products.

Derrick  You bet.  And thanks for having us.  We love your granola by the way.

Doug  Okay. Cool. Awesome. Thanks.

Boris   Love the granola bars. Love them!

Sergei   Yah, best snack-along bars ever - in whole world.

Doug  That's really appreciated. Thank you. So, guys, how long have you -

Sergei  The bread.... eh, maybe different story.

Doug  What's that?

Boris  Yeah, bread we don't, you know, how you say...?  Get it?  We don't get it?

Doug  Oh.  Okay.  I guess that's okay.  I mean, a lot of people love it so... to each his own, right?

Sergei  Is problem - we say - in that you say this bread not made with the flour?

Doug  No flour. That's correct. We don't use any flour to make our bread. Or pita for that matter. Or the crisps.

Boris  Yes, this is the problem.  Nobody make the bread without the flour. Is not possible.

Doug  Oh, it's possible.  We do it all the time.

Derrick  I gotta agree with the guys. The thing is, there's no way you can make bread without flour. 

Doug  Okay.  Fellas.... we can do that. We do do that.  It's totally possible.  Why don't we talk about something else?  Um, like, how long have you all been doing this and how'd you all get together in the first place?

Derrick  We met on the circuit - the professional quartet-carrot-line-dancing-circuit  - it's more recognized over in Eastern Europe and down thru the Balkans, parts of Ireland and here and there in other parts of the world but, I think, if you're a carrot and you feel you have an innate capacity to shuffle step with a trio of your brother carrots then, well, that's what you do.

Doug  Awesome.  And you're all from the Ukraine?  What's that about?

Derrick   Boris and Sergei are from the Ukraine. Marko is from Argentina and -

Marko  Go Argentina!  We can beat Germany!

Derrick  And my name is Derrick and I'm from Detroit.

Doug  Michigan?  Wow, how did you ever end up -

Derrick  Right...?  So, it was just one of those weird circumstances where you walk into a situation and you do a little soft step on a dare and it just felt natural and next thing I know, I was spotted by a talent agent and put on a plane to Kiev where I met these guys and we just felt a real camaraderie from the get go. Right, guys?

Boris  On the get go. Agreed. But what we don't agree is you make the bread with no flour.  This can not happen.

Doug  Right.  Um.  Okay.  We can discuss that later, okay? I'll show you how we do it. But for now, why don't we talk about your, you know, your cause?  You guys are partly doing this - coming to this country and working with us - to promote your cause. Do you want to talk about that a little bit?

Derrick  Yes, thank you.  We are here in the United States to create awareness for the  plight of little baby carrots.  

Boris  This is so wrong what they do.  With the babies.

Doug  Baby carrots. Yes, I get it.  It's terrible and I never really thought about it much but you guys are very passionate about this.

Derrick  Carrots are like anyone else. We deserve a long healthy life. Not being stripped from their bunch at a tender young age only to be denied all the advantages that we enjoy as hard-working mature carrots.

Doug  Okay.  I see your position. And what do you have there?  What are you showing me? 

Derrick  I brought you a picture for you to share....  On the left you see a healthy happy baby carrot while on the right you see a couple of baby carrots whose dimples, stalks and divots have been all but shorn or scrubbed off and are now waiting to be packaged then shipped away to who knows where.  It's terrible.


Boris   Very much terrible.

Doug  Yes, I agree. Is there something we can do to help?  An organization we can join or, I don't know, make calls to spread awareness on this?

Derrick  Yes, thank you.  You can visit our facebook page at the baby carrots 

Doug  Okay, we got it.  Thank you fellas. This has been fascinating and enlightening at the same time.  Happy Dancing!

Boris / Sergei / Marko / Derrick  Thanks, yes, we go now to Happy Dance!


NOTE: We have placed an image of the dancing carrots on one of our products on our website. Find the product then place that item in your shopping cart along with one other item or items (any item you wish) and your entire order ships free. You must type "Dancing Carrots" in the coupon code on the order checkout page and voila, free shipping. We will ship either priority, first class or FedEx Home Delivery.  This offer ends 10/31 at midnight.  There may be additional shipping surcharges when ordering bread and or pita (sorry).  If you run into any issues, please call me or email me - Doug -- or 570 441 4031 x 1.


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