What squirrels know that we don't....

The real reason squirrels bury nuts
We all know squirrels are busy this time of year gathering nuts and seeds and digging small holes in our back yards and filling those holes with their bounty. We assume they are hoarding so they will have a ready food supply come winter.
But studies now reveal that, in reality, squirrels are burying those nuts to sprout them. Squirrels instinctively know that sprouting not only improves the digestibility of nuts and seeds but also increases the bio-availability of nutrients while also improving the flavor. 
This is precisely why we soak and sprout our grain, nuts and seeds before we make any of our sprouted grain breads, pita crisps and flax-seed granolas we offer our customers.  Best of all, you won't have to go digging for our products in your back yard. Just give us a call or log onto our website.
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