Sprouted Kernza Wheat Flour 3 lbs

When we first heard about Kernza - the perennial wheat developed by the Land Institute - we immediately contacted them and said we wanted to try sprouting kernza. About a year later, we got a call from The Land Institute and managed to get 50 lbs of kernza to soak and sprout and see what we could do with it.  Not long after, our kernza crisps crackers came into being. 

And now we're offering sprouted Kernza flour to home bakers keen on working with this unique and revolutionary new grain.  We recommend sprouted Kernza flour because our process of soaking and rinsing the grain removes all the organic matter from the grain including but not limited to dirt, unhulled grain, chaff, straw, etc. This makes for a clean more nutritionally beneficial flour perfect for blending with your favorite bread recipes.