Sprouted Organic Bronze Chief Wheat - 4lbs

Shipping to all fifty states

We love Wheat Montana's Organic Bronze Chief - we recommend and have been sprouting it for ten years for many of our sprouted, whole-grain breads, pita and muffins. This is a clean wheat that sprouts readily. Sprouting guarantees that the wheat you are buying has never been sprayed with "glyphosate". After all, wheat sprayed with glyphosate kills the grain so that it can never germinate.  

We prepare Bronze Chief organic wheat for digestion by soaking then "sprouting" the whole grain. Sprouting converts the wheat from a grain to something much more like a vegetable - wheat grass. Sprouting also works to neutralize "phytic acids" or "anti-nutrients" found in all grains, nuts, seeds and most vegetables. And, sprouting unleashes all the nutrients the grain needs to come to life - nutrients your body can use for more energy and better health.

Experience the truly nutritious and delicious quality sprouted grain brings to your next baking project. 

Sprouted Organic Bronze Chief comes in 4 lb bags. These bags are heavy duty and lined with foil. Shipping is extra.

PLEASE NOTE: If you order this product, you will be buying a four pound bag of sprouted, whole-grain wheat. This is ideal for grinding into a sprouted flour to make your own breads, muffins or pizza crusts, etc. If you don't have a mill, please let us know and we would be happy to mill your sprouted wheat at no charge.





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